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The Sketchbook Project



When The Sketchbook Project came through San Francisco, I was awed by the work of the hundreds of  gonzo talented artists who had contributed.  I knew I had to do it.  So, I challenged my friend Maggie to complete it with me and we signed-up for our own books.

I created a book in a variety of styles, kind of like the needlework samplers our grandmothers once made. I framed the book around a kid’s crazy sandwich order at one of my favorite po’boy restaurants in New Orleans, Guys.  I then based each page on an ingredient of his order and drew it in a different style.  Some drawings are better successes than others, but it was a fun experiment.

It’s travelled over 25,000 miles internationally and is currently waiting for you in the Brooklyn NY. You can view the whole thing here.

Widget Customizer

OpenTable needed to create a quick way for restaurants in their network to browse, customize, and embed the reservation widget into their sites. I designed this wizard that guided the users through the process.

Nick Rialto Adventures

The client needed to promote a new sales concept to their sales force, yet were finding that the team was paying increasingly less attention to the pieces coming their way. Mixing a humorous script with exotic environments, we designed a compelling and memorable game to teach the material.

Attach Rate Carnival

The client had a new initiative but users jaded on eLearning. They wanted something new and fun, something that would be memorable. Why not a carnival? I illustrated and animated a trapeze act, an interactive automaton and a fortune teller. Each scenario taught users the value of attaching services at the point of sale.

2008 Silver Medal Award. Brandon Hall Awards.

History of Learning

History of Learning from Furnaceboy on Vimeo.

Cisco was hosting an eLearning conference. To launch it, they wanted to remind the audience how far learning had come and how quickly things were changing. This piece spans over 5000 years of learning in less than three minutes. With less than ten days from kick-off to delivery, we decided on an animated storyboard approach.

Lexercise Coconut Island


Redshift Media had designed this game that taught spelling to children with dyslexia. They had the art and the code, but needed to bring life to the parrot host. Using assets provided by the client, I animated the bird’s flight, reaction, and speech cycles. Example does not use final audio.

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Genentech Your Way at the VA

Thinking that it was a tangle of bureaucracy, sales reps were avoiding the VA & D.O.D. Realizing that there was an underserved population in these facilities, we created these modules. By putting a human face to the vets and breaking down the information into accessible chunks, we bridged that gap. Based on the success of this module, the client returned and asked for two more modules.

2008 Silver Medal Award. Brandon Hall Awards.

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