Teen Health App

This app was designed to provide teens with clear, correct information about sex and dispel many of the fallacies and rumors surrounding it. Each time the user opens the app,…

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IPV Prevention

Preventing intimate partner violence (IPV) is a great challenge for health practitioners, social workers, and faith leaders. This site was designed to provide them with the insight and tools specific…

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Project Total

Preventing bullying is a huge issue for schools and youth programs. This website seeks to provide teachers and administrators with the tools, strategies, and programs to effectively combat this issue.…

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Bloomberg Service

The client sought to educate its employees about the importance of customer service.  We chose to use real-life stories from employees to demonstrate the universal importance of customer service. The design…

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Hawk is an online learning program that teaches Native American teens about the potential dangers of drugs and alcohol. The client had had great success leading the course in person,…

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The client wanted to create a new way of delivering content that would reach both millennials and veterans that ran After-School programs. To do so, we designed this two-pronged approach…

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IT Essentials

The client needed a program that would teach IT basics to underprivileged students around the world. We built and rendered a desktop & laptop computer ‘down to the last screw.’…

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Welcome Day

This interactive piece is the first thing new hires encounter when they attend Credit-Suisse’s Welcome Day event. It introduces them to the history, philosophy, philanthropy, and future of Credit-Suisse.

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